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Thanks Benny,
I did run across your website earlier....it's more than nothing and
thanks for that...I may try to apply them.


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> I'm running Nagios 3.12 Server and need to monitor some old HP UX 
> 11.11 PARISK  machines.
> I tried to compile the latest 1.4.15 plugins with no success.
> Is there any hope of finding a version of the Nagios Plugins that 
> would compile on these old v11.11 HP machines?

Long, long ago in a development environment far, far away, I had rolled
plugins and NRPE for HP-UX.

NOTE:  NRPE has SSL disabled in the build, I had to do that to get them
       to compile.


They are old.  Really old.  Use at your own risk.  And no, I don't have
that development environment any longer, so I cannot fix anything.  ;)


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