[Nagiosplug-help] Issue with configuring HP-UX as remote client

Lalita Drolia ldrolia at bea.com
Tue Jun 5 04:30:19 UTC 2007


I have installed Nagios server on a linux machine successfully and am
able to monitor Linux, Solaris and windows clients.

Lastly I have to monitor HP-UX clients also but am unable to do so.


On the hp-ux machine I followed the following configuration steps-


            1. Create a shared (NFS) filesystem location for the depot
and plug-in files. Download the files from the Internet and save them to
the shared location. 

            2. Prior to installing the nrpe client onto the HP-UX
machines, prepare a generic nrpe.cfg file that can be copied onto and
subsequently modified on each workstation. Have it located in the shared
filesystem mentioned in the previous step. 

            3. Copy the appropriate depot, plug-in, and generic nrpe.cfg
files to the /tmp directory of the workstation. 

            4. At the workstation console, log in as root or a sudoer

            5. Invoke SAM. The pathname to the binary is /usr/sbin/sam 

            6. Select the Software Management option. 

            7. Select Install Software to Local Host 

            8. Change the Source Depot Type to Local Directory. 

            9. Under Source Depot Path, provide the full pathname to the
depot file. For 

example, if the depot file is in the /tmp directory, the pathname would
be /tmp/nrpe-1.8-B.versionnumber.depot 

            10. Mark the depot for installation. SAM will first conduct
an analysis of the file. Any errors or warnings should be corrected
before proceeding. If there are no problems reported, the nrpe client
can be installed onto the system. The location of the program will be

            11. Change to the /opt/nrpe directory and create the libexec
directory using the mkdir command. 

            12. Move the plugin's gzip file from the /tmp directory to

            13. Run the gzip and tar commands to uncompress and extract
the plugins. 

            14. Copy the generic nrpe.cfg file to the /opt/nrpe
directory, and modify it to accommodate the configuration and services
of the HP workstation. 

            15. Change to the /sbin/init.d directory. 

            16. Run the vi, or comparable, text editor utility to create
a file called nrpe. The file will have the following text:
/opt/nrpe/bin/nrpe -c /opt/nrpe/nrpe.cfg -daemon The above command will
have the nrpe client run as a daemon on the workstation. The -c option
has the binary file reference the nrpe.cfg file in the directory shown

            17. Change the permissions of the newly created file to read
and execute for all users via the chmod 555 nrpe command syntax. 

            18. Change the ownership of the /sbin/init.d/nrpe file to
user bin, group bin via the chown bin:bin nrpe command. 

            19. Change to the /sbin/rc2.d directory. 

            20. Create a symbolic link to the /sbin/init.d/nrpe file
using the following command: ln -s /sbin/init.d/nrpe Snumbernrpe 

The number that is used can be anyone that is currently available. 

            21. Manually start the nrpe client program using the script
that was created in the /sbin/init.d directory. 

            22. Modify the appropriate files on the Nagios server to
accommodate the new client, and restart the application as necessary. 


I have added the required entries on my linux server.

I start the daemon on hp-ux machine-


$ /opt/nrpe/bin/nrpe  -c /opt/nrpe/nrpe.cfg -d

$ netstat -a|grep nrpe

tcp        0      0  *.nrpe                 *.*

$ ps -ef|grep nrpe

  nagios 21853     1  0  May 25  ?         0:55 bin/nrpe -n -c nrpe.cfg

  nagios   950   929  1 12:36:05 pts/ta    0:00 grep nrpe


the logs show-

May 29 12:38:42 srirama nrpe[968]: Starting up daemon

May 29 12:38:42 srirama nrpe[968]: Listening for connections on port

May 29 12:38:42 srirama nrpe[968]: Allowing connections from:,


Where is the IP address of nagios server.


But when I try to run nrpe on hp-ux machine I get the following error-

$ /opt/nrpe/libexec/check_nrpe -H localhost

CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes.  Are we allowed to connect to the host?


On the server I get the error-

CHECK_NRPE: Received 0 bytes from daemon.check the remote server logs
for error messages.


I have tried whatever was possible but am unable to configure hp-ux for
nagios. Only the ping check is working. Nrpe is not working,

Kindly help.



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