[Nagiosplug-devel] nagios and local sockets patch

Ton Voon ton.voon at altinity.com
Tue Oct 25 01:29:27 UTC 2005

On 24 Oct 2005, at 19:53, Alex Samorukov wrote:

> I take this logic from the bsd telnet sources. Here is short text  
> from the telnet man:
> ===
> host
> Indicates the official name, an alias, or the Internet address of a  
> remote host.  If host starts with a `/', telnet establishes a  
> connection to the corresponding named socket.
> ===
> I think that hostname cannot start with "/" characters and local  
> socket always can be referenced as absolute pathname. So i dont  
> think that we need different key for this. Anyway, if someone not  
> agree with this i can create a new patch.

I wasn't keen on this convention, but if BSD use it, then I'm happy.


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