[Nagiosplug-devel] starting import of runcmd code

sean finney seanius at seanius.net
Mon Oct 24 04:19:26 UTC 2005

hi all,

i've just done a first commit for this.  below are some notes from
the process.  

- updated runcmd code to latest version from ae
- new host_or_die function
- new usage_va function for printf-like (fmt,...) params.
- i didn't include any of the other "cleanup" or other superficial 
  changes/optimizations from ae's patches in this run.

the following seem to be okay:
- check_dns
- check_nagios

the following seem to be okay, but i'd like more testing:
- check_by_ssh:
- check_dig:
  - didn't work for nonexistant domains (bug in introduced runcmd
    logic), later fixed by me.
- check_game:
  - having a quake server to test against would be good

the following haven't been done yet:
- check_dhcp:
  - i remember there being some problem with that so i'll take a look
- check_hpjd
  - patch contained swapped MIB defs, need to verify
- check_icmp because i haven't yet
- check_load because of later changes in official branch
- check_procs
  - seems some detection logic is broken in the new runcmd based code.  or
    maybe it was already?  seems so...
- check_snmp
  - don't want to play around with sg's code just now
- check_swap
  - seems there have been parallel changes
- check_users
  - contains a bunch of runcmd debug code

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