[Nagiosplug-devel] new plugin: check_pop3_message.pl

Kevin Venkiteswaran kkvenkit at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 08:07:08 UTC 2005

I've added a new plugin to the new-plugin tracker on sourceforge.

A brief description of the plugin:

A Perl plugin to match email in a pop3(s) account. This
was developed to monitor more than a dozen remote cron
jobs that email results to a common pop3s account.
Rather than manually verify an OK response for each
job, this plugin is used to check the pop3s account
once a day for an email that matches a specific
subject. The contents of the email are then searched
for specified ok-, warning-, and critical-resulting
content. This setup removes the manual checking of
results; nagios now notifies me if it does not find
positive results for all cron jobs.

The subject, ok-, warning-, and critical-resulting
patterns are Perl regular expressions. The host,
username, password, pop3 or pop3s values are arguments
to the plugin allowing the plugin to be re-used as many
times as required.

In addition to the standard ok/warning/critical result
message, the line in the email address following the
match is displayed. This allows contextual detail to be
reported within the nagios interface.

All the standard arguments are supported. Suggestions
to extend this plugin are encouraged.

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