[Nagiosplug-devel] check_cluster and check_cluster2 into main distribution

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Thu Oct 13 04:22:07 UTC 2005

Ton Voon wrote:
> Hi!
> Wanted to hear some opinions on this. I've only recently come across  
> check_cluster and check_cluster2 (written by Ethan) and I think these  
> should be in the main distribution.
> ( A quick recap: check_cluster works by specifying a list of host/ 
> service pairs and it returns a status based on the status of those -  it 
> does this by querying the status log file. check_cluster2 has an  
> argument list of the actual status codes because it uses Nagios 2's  
> clever macros to work out status. )
> But check_cluster only makes sense for Nagios 1 installs, so we  
> probably should be configuring things differently. This is not  
> unprecedented since check_nagios tries to read Nagios' status file,  so 
> there are dependencies on the version of Nagios here too. I think  there 
> is an outstanding bug here which I'll fix as part of this work.
> Thus I propose making the following changes:
> - at configure time, have option to compile --with-nagios-version=1  or 
> 2, default 1 (we can change default when Nagios 2.0 is released)
> - for nagios-1, set NAGIOS_VERSION=1, add check_cluster to list of  plugins
> - for nagios-2, set NAGIOS_VERSION=2
> - always compile check_nagios (with ifdefs around Nagios version  
> specific parts) and check_cluster2
> Also, maybe a rename of check_cluster2 to, say, check_cluster_states?
> Does this make sense? Any other ways of doing this?

The obvious way would be through a NEB-module which wouldn't have to 
use on-demand macros (which are hard to get right). Keep check_cluster 
for use with Nagios 1.x.

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