[Nagiosplug-devel] check_http feature for web cluster

Aurimas Mikalauskas aurimas.mikalauskas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 03:22:22 UTC 2005


I'm missing one feature in check_http nagios plugin that would help
monitoring different virtual hosts on clustered web servers. The
situtation is simple:

I have two virtual hosts www.first-host.com <http://www.first-host.com> and
www.second-host.com <http://www.second-host.com>
both round-robin resolving to <>,<>and <>.

I want to check each virtualhost on each cluster. If I do
./check_http -H www.first-host.com <http://www.first-host.com>

then it will likely round-robin each check to a differend cluster and
most likely at least one of them will be alive and return correct

If I do "./check_http -I <>" then I will be able to
check only
the first virtual host.

If you added one more variable that is the virtual host (even if I use
-I <>) somewhere near 824 line after the "Host: ",
the plugin
would be much closer to perfetct. On the other hand, you could simply
expand the <uri> variable so it could be used as "http://virtualhost/uri".

Thank you in advance for your good work!

Aurimas Mikalauskas
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