Antwort: [Nagiosplug-devel] 1.4 release [Virus scanned]

Andreas Ericsson ae at
Sat Jan 29 02:56:50 UTC 2005

Sascha Runschke wrote:
>>1. Release 1.4 now and branch it. Only bugs fixed in 1.4 branch and we 
>>can move onto 1.5.
>>2. Wait until all the bugs in the tracker are resolved (or marked to be 
>>left till next release)
>>3. Wait for a few specific bugs to be squished
>>Although 3 sounds reasonable, my vote is for 1. If you vote for 3, then 
>>you have to specify exactly which bugs need squishing, otherwise we'll 
>>be here for ages!
> Uhm, the thought alone of making a "release" which still has known bugs 
> makes me choke ;)

The bugs are more of a porting issue. For instance, check_disk doesn't 
work on HPUX with network mounted disks and non-GNU df. Bugs of this 
kind are non-trivial to fix, especially considering the lack of systems 
to test on.

> Even though I am not actively contributing to the nagiosplug project, I 
> still feel the urge to
> express my thoughts about it. Imho it's a majorly bad idea to release a 
> code as "stable",
> even though you know there are some - maybe even critical bugs - in it.

No critical bugs should be released. I'm with you there. The SIGSEGV in 
check_ping must be resolved (although I believe my own contribution of 
the next check_icmp obsoletes it).

> It will greatly reduce the trust the users will put into the nagiosplug 
> project.
> What will people think that see "oh, a new release", download it and 
> notice there are loads
> of bugs in it?

Not loads of bugs. Some plugins won't work properly on obscure platforms.

> Not all users of Nagios monitor this list and may not be 
> aware of what they are
> diving into.

A BUGS-file should accompany the release at the very least, and it 
should be referenced in the README.

> I'd really advise you to reconsider releasing 1.4 in the current state and 
> rather fix the bugs
> that are still in the code. Freeze the code, don't apply any new patches 
> for new features, just
> do bugfixing of the old ones.

That was done sometime in december, if I remember this correctly.

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