[Nagiosplug-devel] WebInject as a Nagios http plugin

Corey Goldberg cgoldberg at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 26 13:58:01 UTC 2005


WebInject is a perl/xml based web/http test harness (free and open source).  In the latest release, we have added a mode that allows it produce output that is compatible for being used as a plugin with the Nagios.

It allows you to define a suite of functional tests in an external xml file that then executed and verified against your applocation/service under test.

SSL/cookies/parsing/etc is supported.  Hopefully this is useful to some Nagios users.  

general webinject info is available at the website:  http://www.webinject.org
info about the Nagios plugin mode is here:  http://www.webinject.org/plugin.html

there are also developer and user forums if anyone has comments/questions:  http://www.webinject.org/cgi/yabb/YaBB.cgi

-Corey Goldberg

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