[Nagiosplug-devel] system specific defines ... Was: check_dhc p - a possible addition

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Thu Jan 20 03:04:42 UTC 2005

Voon, Ton wrote:
> Stanley,
> Is there any other open source project that uses dhcp to see how it is done?

dhcpd/dhclient by ISC.

> This might be too large a change for 1.4 at this stage, so I would err on
> the side of moving it to contrib.
> Ton
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> possible addition
> Dear Folks,
> As pointed out by Mr Ericsson, check_dhcp will not build properly 
> without preprocessor symbols being defined (__bsd__ etc).
> I thought this was necessary to select _completely_ different code to 
> get the MAC address of the interface from the system (eg BSD use raw 
> sockets, solaris and hpux use DLPI [and prob AIX ...], Linux uses a 
> Linux specific ioctl()).
> Continuing down this path requires that configure.in and config.h.in be 
> patched to set these symbols depending on the value of 'host'.
> While tbis is feasable, doing so is seems anti-autoconf and 
> anachronistic (although this is the way that fping seems to operate) - 
> it looks bad and probably is too.
> What is a better way ?
> Chuck the system specific stuff and let the user define the broadcast 
> interface _and_ the MAC address (simply set the hardware address in the 
> DISCOVER packet and let the server respond with an OFFER to the real 
> MAC) ?
> Chuck the C version and build a Perl one (based on Net::DHCP or friends) 
> ?
> Leave the C version Linux specific (and prob put it back in  contrib/) 
> and or build a Perl one ?
> Yours sincerely.

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