[Nagiosplug-devel] check_dhcp - a possible addition

Stephan Janosch Stephan.Janosch at interface-business.de
Thu Jan 20 01:24:36 UTC 2005

First, a big sorry.

I have a check_dhcp binary which works excellent, but I can't find it's 
sources. I got that check_dhcp working just before x-mas holidays.

I don't know what steps I took to get that thing. I simply did not 
notice the steps.

Here the output of the plugin, when called with --help and --version

momocat at copycat:[nagios] >./check_dhcp --help
Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Ethan Galstad (nagios at nagios.org)

This plugin tests the availability of DHCP servers on a network.

Usage: check_dhcp [-s serverip] [-r requestedip] [-t timeout] [-i interface]
        check_dhcp --help
        check_dhcp --version

  -s, --serverip=IPADDRESS
    IP address of DHCP server that we must hear from
  -r, --requestedip=IPADDRESS
    IP address that should be offered by at least one DHCP server
  -t, --timeout=INTEGER
    Seconds to wait for DHCPOFFER before timeout occurs
  -i, --interface=STRING
    Interface to to use for listening (i.e. eth0)
  -v, --verbose
    Print extra information (command-line use only)
  -h, --help
    Print detailed help screen
  -V, --version
    Print version information

momocat at copycat:[nagios] >./check_dhcp --version
momocat at copycat:[nagios] >

So no output for the version-option.
I will try to redo my steps or get the newest Version somehow to work.


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