[Nagiosplug-devel] NC_Net V1.06 - Some Bugs Fixed and some Enhancement

Anthony Montibello amontibello at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 04:34:31 UTC 2005

Hi Everyone, 
Happy New Year.

A new version of NC_Net is now available. Some of the Enhancements include:

-Being able to check Windows Service States with the descriptive names
that are in Service Manager, as well as still being able to check with
names NS_Client used.
-Check Instance - can receive more than one Performance Counter and
returns a list of counters.
-Documentation has been updated a bit.

You can Download the new version from the official web site
or from Nagios Exchange under the name NC_Net V1_x

Recent Bug Fixes include:
MemUse unable to handle over 4 gigs -- FIXED
FILEAGE not working -FIXED
DiskUsage - Faster, and no longer poles removable disks.-FIXED
Documentation Improved.

Thank you,
amontibello at shatterit.com

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