[Nagiosplug-devel] Re: CVS: nagiosplug Makefile.am,1.6,1.7

Karl DeBisschop kdebisschop at mail.debisschop.net
Wed Feb 19 10:41:33 UTC 2003

Ton Voon writes: 

> Sorry, keep forgetting to reply-all - copying onto nagiosplug-devel list. 
> I thought the m4 stuff does extra bits, such as check for other dependant libraries?

Sort of. AFAICT, the comment in its header was correct- it is the same as 
comes with autoconf FOR SOME GIVEN VERSION. I don't know exactly which one. 

But that is why it only worked with specific versions of autoconf. Over 
time, the autoconf code changes (hopefully improves). But it is not always 
cross compatible, thus our problems. 

My little hack into the $srcdir value is a cheap way to try and surmount 
that version dependence. But we give up some imporvements that might 
otherwise be part of the autoconf that I make the snapshot from. 


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