[Nagios-users] host_port objects - Enhancement Request

Jim Avery jim at jimavery.me.uk
Thu Oct 28 18:24:34 UTC 2010

On 28 October 2010 16:16, Jason Frisvold <frisvolj at lafayette.edu> wrote:
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> Greetings,
>        We are planning on submitting an enhancement request to Nagios with the
> intention of having their professional services group code this for us.
>  We are interested in having our changes made available to the community
> as well, so we wanted to get feedback from the community before we
> submit the proposal.  Any and all feedback is welcome.
> Thanks.

I agree something needs doing to make it easier to monitor multiple
ports on network nodes.  The issue goes a bit wider than just ports on
hosts though.

There are other object relationships which can be tricky to set up
using the limited host/service structure.  Some examples that come to
mind are:

virtual hosts in a VMWare cluster
load-balanced services
clustered applications
various physical and virtual structures in a SAN

My preference would be for a less prescriptive nomencalture with more
flexibility over what can be grouped with what so Nagios will then be
able to cope with whatever groupings and parent relationships we care
to throw at it.

For example, if instead of "host_port", we have "component" then it's
less prescriptive.

I'd like to throw around some other ideas for how the service
definition would work too.  For example:

define service {
  use                  service-standard
  components          switches-cisco/port*
  servicegroups        cisco-switch-standard
  service_description  Port Traffic
  check_command        check_snmp_traffic!-N $PORTNAME$!-C $USER2$

That's my 2p anyway.  I'm not a programmer.  For all I know the dev
team might have some ideas already up their sleeve for Nagios 4 or 5.



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