[Nagios-users] re-notification problem

michal.lackovic at cz.schneider-electric.com michal.lackovic at cz.schneider-electric.com
Fri Oct 22 09:51:30 UTC 2010

The notification appears to work normally if the service escalation config 
is omitted.
Is there any relation between it?


Michal Lackovic/CZ/Schneider at Europe 
10/22/2010 10:01 AM
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[Nagios-users] re-notification problem

Dear community, 

I just noticed that my system (Nagios 3.2.0) don't re-notify the 
contacts.However it sends notification to escalation contacts. 
So what id does is that it sends first notification to the host contact 
then after next 4 hours it sends notification to escalation contact and 
keep sending every 4 hours. 
As far as I know, if the notification interval is 240 minutes and first 
escalation is triggered after 2 notifications are sent to the host contact 
then the escalation contact should get first notification after 480 
minutes. Correct? 

My setup: 
First notification to the contacts --> re-notify after 4 hours - re-notify 
after 4 hours and and send escalation to leader 

Service template: 

define service { 
       name                                          Service group 1 
       service_description                           24x7,3,10,2 
       max_check_attempts                            3 
       check_interval                                10 
       retry_interval                                2 
       active_checks_enabled                         1 
       passive_checks_enabled                        0 
       check_period                                  24x7 
       obsess_over_service                           0 
       check_freshness                               0 
       flap_detection_enabled                        0 
       notification_interval                         240 
       notification_period                           24x7 
       notification_options                          w,r,c,s 
       notifications_enabled                         1 
       register                                    0 

Service definition: 

define service { 
        hostgroup_name                CENTRAL DC, 
        service_description                Storage 
        display_name                        Storage 
        servicegroups                        NRPE agents,Storage 
        use                                Service group 1 
        check_command                check_nt_storage!90%!95% 
        host_name                        !WDEUR01,!WDEUR02 
        register                        1 

Escalation definition: 

define serviceescalation {^M 
        service_description                     .* 
        contacts                                Northern CEE EUO leader 
        first_notification                      2 
        last_notification                       0 
        notification_interval                   240 
        escalation_period                       24x7 
        escalation_options                      w,c 

thanks in advance for your advice 

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