[Nagios-users] How to determine the login duration of current user?

Kevin Davison kdavison at innosphere.ca
Wed Oct 13 17:37:50 UTC 2010

We have a large number of XP Virtual Machines that are used for various software testing requirements. The testers are supposed to notify their supervisor when an XP instance is no longer required. Unfortunately that isn't working very well. The end result is that there are a large number of XP instances sitting doing nothing for long periods of time. Ideally, I'd love to receive a notification in the event that any XP instance hasn't been used for x period of time.

As the machines are accessed by the testers solely via RDP, I was thinking that if I could determine how long it had been since someone had logged into the machine I would be able to judge which machines had been abandoned and remove them.

I was mulling over using a WMI check to pull what I need from Win32_NetworkLoginProfile but I'm not getting anything returned that I know how to make use of.

Has anyone had a need to perform a check like this in the past or can anyone offer any advice as to where else I should start looking?

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