[Nagios-users] Disabling Nagios in the event of network card failure.

Giles Coochey giles at coochey.net
Tue Oct 12 14:59:45 UTC 2010

On Tue, October 12, 2010 16:38, Max Hetrick wrote:
> On 10/12/2010 07:56 AM, Kristan Webb wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Hopefully an easy query.
>> We run Nagios 3 on an Ubuntu box and I'm looking for a way to stop
>> Nagios falsely reporting services/hosts as down/unknown if, for example,
>> the network cable was pulled out of the server / the card failed. This
>> has happened recently for over an hour and now all hosts/services have a
>> false hours downtime.
>> I'm not too bothered, but I like to try and keep things as neat as
>> possible.
>> Does anyone know of a way of preventing this? All I can think is some
>> way of detecting when the server has lost network and then automatically
>> quitting / disabling Nagios?
> This is pretty much the entire point of Nagios, that is to report when
> something has failed.
> If you're intentionally taking down the network on the host, then I
> would suggest scheduling downtime for that host if you or others know
> you're going to take it down for a period of time, otherwise, Nagios is
> doing it's job.

I thought you could do some generic test to check the network connectivity
(ping default gateway, for instance) and make that test the parent or
grand^x-father of all other tests.
That way if you lose connectivity, that test will fail, others will become

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