[Nagios-users] Monitoring an EMC Celerra

olourkin-nagios at yahoo.com olourkin-nagios at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 18:55:47 UTC 2010

Well, assuming we can get snmpd set up to allow gets despite EMC's claim, we'd 
be attempting to monitor the celerra's datamover via the CS.  As far as I 
understand, snmpd runs on the CS, so that's where our queries would have to go. 
 It's still an open question whether we'd be picking up DM data at that point, 
or whether we'd only be seeing data for the CS. 

As to what and why I'm looking to monitor this way - I'm in a large organization 
with a Nagios implementation that I maintain.  But I don't maintain the 
Celerra's.  So I'd much prefer to handle all the check and threshold definitions 
within Nagios, rather than having to learn the Celerra config, and then having 
to poke the guy who does maintain them until he gets them set properly.

May not work out that way, but I'm at least going to give it a shot.


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Hi all -

Been digging around to try to figure out how to enable SNMP gets against an EMC 
Celerra so that I can implement active checks in Nagios.  I have traps set up, 
but I much prefer active checks whenever possible.  Problem is, EMC support says 
the Celerra isn't capable of allowing gets.

I've heard and suspected otherwise, so I thought I'd check the list to see if 
anyone's made the necessary config changes to allow gets.  I think it should be 
a matter of changing /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf, but has anyone tried?


Erik Larkin


I guess having skipped bothering to implement this at our site, i look at this a 
different sort of way, and ask - are you attempting to monitor the celerra 's 
datamover via the CS (Control station?), or directly against the dm(s)?

I'm not sure what you wish to monitor either - the celerras have some pretty 
good internal alerting configs if you dig around ... at least they have worked 
fine for us.

what are you attempting to do specifically , like monitor just health / temp 
stuff, or filesystem/share usage etc etc? I'm also curious because i use SNMP 
gets here extensively, just never bothered against the celerra... 


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