[Nagios-users] Monitoring an EMC Celerra

olourkin-nagios at yahoo.com olourkin-nagios at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 16:20:18 UTC 2010

Hi all -

Been digging around to try to figure out how to enable SNMP gets against an EMC 
Celerra so that I can implement active checks in Nagios.  I have traps set up, 
but I much prefer active checks whenever possible.  Problem is, EMC support says 
the Celerra isn't capable of allowing gets.

I've heard and suspected otherwise, so I thought I'd check the list to see if 
anyone's made the necessary config changes to allow gets.  I think it should be 
a matter of changing /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf, but has anyone tried?

Erik Larkin
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