[Nagios-users] Different Notification command templates for Host Down and Host Up

Mike Callahan mcallahan at bullseyetelecom.com
Tue Oct 5 11:36:00 UTC 2010

Because I'm sending host up/down notifications to a ticketing system, I have the need to use different verbiage for host down notifications and host up notifications.   Specifically the subject line of the email message needs to be different for host down than for host up.  The only way I could think of to do this was to create two separate contacts, one for down notifications tied to a host notification command called notify-host-by-email-down and a separate contact for ups called notify-host-by-email-up.  Of course, Nagios is too smart for this and declines to send host return to up status messages to contacts that did not receive a down message in the first place.

Does anyone have another solution for this, where I would be able to send different notification commands for host down and host recovery?



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