[Nagios-users] significant bug in 3.2.2 - nagios.cfg -- execute_service_checks=0 completely ignored

Robert Wolfe robert.wolfe at robertwolfe.org
Fri Oct 1 01:38:16 UTC 2010

Hi all.  My first post here. So please bear with me.

Installed the HEAD release from the Nagios website last night and while everything is working, I am not able to reschedule commands as I get a message saying that the permissions on the nagios.cmd file are not correct.  What should the permissions on this file be?

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On Thu, 2010-09-30 at 14:23 -0700, Mark Christian wrote:
> dnsmichi and keith4 on IRC #nagios graciously pointed out that I need 
> merely remove line 1088 from nagios 3.2.2 source base/events.c and 
> recompile.  I removed "run_event=TRUE;" on line 1088 of base/events.c, 
> recompiled and now nagios correctly recognizes 
> “execute_service_checks=0”.
> I believe this to be a significant bug.

I believe this fix has already been applied to CVS head, and is awaiting feedback from testers of that copy before a new release is approved.  If you have a chance to try a build from CVS HEAD and report your experience the the -devel mailing list that would be very helpful.

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