[Nagios-users] Scheduling Queue stucked a few minutes afterrestart

Chris Beattie cbeattie at geninfo.com
Thu Dec 30 21:44:24 UTC 2010

Maurizio Pinotti wrote:
> hi Chris, thanks for your reply.. I just upgraded to nagios 
> 3.2.1-2~bpo50+1, but
> nothing has changed :'(

Bummer.  I wonder if the package's nagios.cfg file is different from the 
stock one.

I was using an old nagios.cfg file for a while.  It turned out there 
were new settings in the stock nagios.cfg that I had never integrated 
into mine.  Making my nagios.cfg more like stock didn't fix the problem 
I was having, but it did at least reduce my deviation from a known-good 



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