[Nagios-users] A Question on Console Alerts for a Help Desk

Joerg Linge pitchfork at ederdrom.de
Wed Dec 29 17:10:17 UTC 2010

Jim Avery wrote:
> On 29 December 2010 15:51, steve f<a31modela at hotmail.com>  wrote:
>> The Help Desk uses a menu to stop&  restart services, etc.  Is it feasible (
>> realistic )  for the menu command to add a snippet of code to put the nagios
>> check for that service/host  in awk mode for say 5 minutes so anyone who
>> sees the alert on the screen would know that its being addressed?
>> Is there an easier way to do this?
> There isn't an easy way to ack it for 5 minutes, as you can't ack it
> until it's in a hard state.  I would instead get your menu script to
> schedule downtime in Nagios for that service for 5 minutes by
> submitting an external command to Nagios.  I would say this is a
> feasible and realistic thing to do, yes.  But .. I don't know how you
> operate your distributed Nagios setup.  So long as only one of your
> Nagios servers is used for the web front-end this should be easy.  If
> various people use various of the distributed Nagios servers for their
> web front end it could be a challenge setting up your menu system to
> submit the external command to the right server.
> See:
> http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/extcommands.html

Instead of scheduling downtime its also possible reschedule the next service checks to now + 15minutes for example.



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