[Nagios-users] Nagios kept from restarting after reboot by lockfile

Daniel Wittenberg daniel.wittenberg.r0ko at statefarm.com
Mon Dec 20 16:55:44 UTC 2010

Couple questions
1)  Why do you have to reboot your monitoring server weekly?
2) How is the reboot being done?

Reason I ask 2) is because the standard rc script will remove the
lockfile when nagios is told to stop.  So if you are having this problem
is sounds like you are not doing a clean shutdown and something could be

Either way, I guess worst case one way to check for this would be put
something like this in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local:
rm -f /var/lock/subsys/nagios

Assuming that's where your lockfile is. 


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Alternatively, could you recommend a good system/resource monitoring
tool that would be able to let me know if nagios is down and restart it

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Gee, this seems like an annoying newbie problem, but if Nagios crashes
or is killed (as on system reboot), it leaves a lock file around that
prevents it from starting again until the lock file is manually removed.

I see this on Monday mornings after weekend reboots on a Red Hat Linux

nagios: Lockfile '/home/nagios/nagios/var/nagios.lock' looks like its
already held by another instance of Nagios (PID 0).  Bailing out...

Does anyone know if there's a config option or something else that
obviates the need to write a wrapper scropt to check to see if Nagios is
really running and remove the lock file (look slike Nagios already knows
it's not running by virtue of the value of the PID inthis very message!)
so that it can cleanly start up again?




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