[Nagios-users] JVM Monitoring

Joerg Linge pitchfork at ederdrom.de
Fri Dec 17 10:19:32 UTC 2010

Am 17.12.10 08:19, schrieb Marc-André Doll:
> On Thu, 2010-12-16 at 22:41 +0000, Jim Avery wrote:
>> On 16 December 2010 19:04, Paul M. Dubuc <work at paul.dubuc.org> wrote:
>>> I was just looking at the web page for check_jmx4perl at
>>> http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Java-Applications-and-Servers/check_jmx4perl/details
>>> It says that it requires "No Java installation required on the Nagios host".
>>> Is this not true?
> Hi,
> Yes it is true. You don't need to install Java on your Nagios server to
> use check_jmx4perl. You just have to deploy a .war on your TomCat (and
> certainly GlassFish, I didn't try it) servers and then you just have to
> send some HTTP request to your server to obtain readings about your JVM.
> That's why I choose it. But for now, it seems it is only capable to
> check Java on JEE servers and not Java on its own as I need right now.

Hi Marc,

the jmx4perl agent is now called jolokia


There is also an JVM Agent which can be used with Sun Java 6+



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