[Nagios-users] distributed nagios ?

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Wed Dec 15 14:44:54 UTC 2010

On 12/15/2010 03:32 PM, Allan Clark wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 03:46, Andreas Ericsson<ae at op5.se>  wrote:
>> On 12/14/2010 08:39 PM, Frost, Mark {PBC} wrote:
>>> 2) Because we're trying to put all the files into an alternate tree, the
>>> installation of 'mon' from install-merlin.sh didn't really work right.  In
>>> our case, it made a lot more sense to change
>>>        cp apps/mon.py $root_path/usr/bin/mon
>>> to
>>>        cp apps/mon.py $bindir/mon
>>> otherwise it would put 'mon' in a really weird spot.
>>> I'm guessing these are design decisions on your part, but in case they're
>>> not, I thought I'd point them out.
>> Yes. The install-merlin.sh script is designed to be usable from the
>> rpm spec file, and it's meant to aid people who want to install
>> everything in its default location. Would $root_path/$bindir/mon
>> work for you? Since you can set $root_path to whatever you want,
>> I suppose it should.
> I thought the convention was $DESTDIR , which is also used by
> autotools, which is a fairly common tool in that domain.  I'd strongly
> recommend marching to the same drummer when possible.

It is when you're using make, but internally the install-merlin
script uses $root_path. So

  "make install DESTDIR=/some/random/path"

will install everything to the root path /some/random/path.
The autotools default path is called --dest-dir, which is what
install-merlin.sh uses, even though I detest the autotools with
an unsurpassed passion.

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