[Nagios-users] Notfications control and grouping

Ihab Samara ihab24 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 14 10:45:54 UTC 2010

Hi List

We've got a relatively big environment, where Nagios is monitoring about 100 hosts, and checking about 800 services. My question is about notifications.

I am looking for a solution that will do this for us:

1) After setting dependency between several services, the notification is sent for only one of them, I need the notification to mention that the other services are Critical as well.

2) For the same host group, when multiple hosts are down, at the same time, we are getting a notification for each one of t hem, we want to group this into one notification.

3)Limit the notification to a specific number within a period of time, for example (within 5 min, the max notifications sent cant be more than 10).

Any thoughts will be helpful and appreciated.


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