[Nagios-users] How can i show remote nagios results in one interface?

Steve Kemp steve at dedicatedserversaustralia.com.au
Thu Dec 2 22:05:22 UTC 2010

We have 4 remotely located Nagios installs each monitoring the same set of


Currently we have to naturally login to each one individually to see results


What we are looking for is a solution that will show results from each
location on the one page, and perhaps has a policy setup where if 2 out of
the 4 locations report issues it sends a warning or if 3 or all four report
an issue that it then sends a warning


For example service xyz


NewYork OK

London WARN


Los Angeles OK


This its hoped will remove the need for us to receive up to 4 sms's and 4
eamils each time something happens to a server or service


We have looked at passive results using NSCA but it doesn't display the
results as we had hoped


Anyone know of an addon or mod that will allow us to achieve this?




Steve Kemp

Dedicated Servers Australia

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Support: https://accounts.dedicatedserversaustralia.com.au 

Sales Email: dedaus.sales at dedicatedserversaustralia.com.au



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