[Nagios-users] high latency

Daniel Wittenberg daniel.wittenberg.r0ko at statefarm.com
Thu Dec 2 15:59:15 UTC 2010

Yeah, for giggles I went back further through the archives last night
and found stuff back to 2.x series, and not much has seemed to help.  I
killed some of my mis-behaving active checks, and that dropped to about
20 seconds, then went up to about 35-50.  So while that's better, I have
A LOT more hosts and service checks to add, and am afraid it'll go nuts
when I dump more on.  I think I've tried about all the config options I
could find and some helped, some didn't seem to, but  there should be
plenty of horsepower on the machine to run this much faster so not sure
why it's not.




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there were a couple of discussions on the list that dealt with latency
issues .

Have you tried looking at the list archives about the topic ?


On 01/12/10 16:00, Daniel Wittenberg wrote: 

I've been watching my latency graphs, and showing 2000 seconds for some
service and host checks.  What I don't understand is I still have idle
time on the CPU, (quad processor) so I'm curious if the server isn't in
trouble, why am I seeing such high latency?  Or maybe I misunderstand
how latency is calculated?  I do have 9 service checks that are failing
on about 700 hosts if that matters at all.  Trying to tweak the
performance to the max on this so any insight welcome.





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