[Nagios-users] nagios service check latency

James james at nttmcl.com
Thu Apr 26 22:08:00 UTC 2007

>>         check_interval                  0
> I'd remove this line entirely. I'm unsure what a value of 0 will do but
> any host check_interval in highly discouraged in nagios2.
yeah my icmp was already set to 1 ping and the retries was lowered to 2 
I removed the 0 value and set it to blank.
Hosts are responding normally tho it still takes about 2 or 3 mins for 
it to detect which really is fine.
but i'm still getting about like 400-700 sec latency on my services. 
service execution time is only like .5 seconds

i'm running outta ideas.

i've tried parallelizing all the services i've tried putting the 
concurrent checks number up. It's not straining my system at all even 
when i set the concurrent checks to like 100.
by the way when i run the -s option in nagios i found this peculiar

Total hosts:                     18
Total scheduled hosts:           1
Host inter-check delay method:   SMART
*Average host check interval:     3600.00 sec*
*Host inter-check delay:          1800.00 sec*
Max host check spread:           30 min
First scheduled check:           Thu Apr 26 15:04:40 2007
Last scheduled check:            Thu Apr 26 15:04:40 2007

Total services:                     105
Total scheduled services:           105
Service inter-check delay method:   SMART
Average service check interval:     60.00 sec
Inter-check delay:                  0.57 sec
Interleave factor method:           SMART
Average services per host:          5.83
Service interleave factor:          6
Max service check spread:           30 min
First scheduled check:              Thu Apr 26 15:04:50 2007
Last scheduled check:               Thu Apr 26 15:05:50 2007

That's a bit high for avg host check interval isn't it?
Anyhow i'm more concerned with the services still.
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