[Nagios-users] check+AF8-snmp+AF8-win.pl error

+ACI-Valdinger, Stephen (DOV, MSX)+ACI- stephen.valdinger at doverchem.com
Tue Apr 24 19:48:45 UTC 2007

When I run in terminal I get this error+ICY-.



Can+IBk-t locate Net/SNMP.pm in +AEA-INC (+AEA-INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/ +ICYgJiAm-.yadda yadda yadda


I checked those locations and the Net/SNMP.pm is there. Can I install another similar package to get this to work properly, because I tried to copy the scripts from Net::SNMP again, and it still did not work.



Anyone else have similar problems?


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