[Nagios-users] Nagios, Zabbix, OpenNMS?

Lars Stavholm stava at telcotec.se
Mon Apr 23 08:40:39 UTC 2007

Carsten Philipp wrote:
> Hello,
> i work at a german research institute.
> We are searching for a good monitoring tool, which can control many PCs
> with Debian Linux and some with Windows.
> We already have a Nagios with many selfmade scripts here, but my boss
> also wants statistics with nice graphs like rrdtool.  ;-) 
> The nagiosgrapher isn`t running yet, because of some problems with cpan
> and perl.

We use NagiosGrapher, it's brilliant.

> Does anybody have some experiences with Zabbix, OpenNMS or Cacti? I read
> something about nagios scripts support in the latest opennms version?
> We also need "special" scripts for swapping, cpu, printers (SNMP),
> bacula (backup), SMART, ...
> So what can you recommend?
> Regards,
> Carsten Philipp
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