[Nagios-users] whether we (as a user of Nagios tool) will beallowed to modify the shell prg or not

Arno Lehmann al at its-lehmann.de
Wed Apr 18 08:09:54 UTC 2007


I'm wondering what you want to know... you can do almost everything with 
Nagios - that's described in the license - but, as far as I know, there 
is no shell program included in a typical Nagios system.

If, after modifying the core program, it's ok to still use the name 
Nagios is another question. You'll have to discuss that with Ethan.

But, reading your original mail, I suppose it might be best for you to 
first read and understand the manual and the license and then ask for 
clarifications or help when you encounter specific problems. The points 
you asked are, IMO, both clearly described in the documentation 
available at the project web site and with the source.



On 4/18/2007 8:26 AM, Radha Gollapinni wrote:
> Hi Morris,
> I didn't get you and what you sent as a reply.
> Can you please clearly clarify this.
> Thanking you very much..
> Radha Gollapinni
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> beallowed to modify the shell prg or not
>> If any one of you know the solution for my question please do 
>> reply to the same mail Id from which I am sending my mail.
>> My doubt is:
>> 1.whether we (as a user of Nagios tool) will be allowed to 
>> modify the shell program internally or not
> The shell program?  What do you mean by that?
>> 2. How the alert message is getting created when ever 
>> something is happened? Which method is responsible for this activity? 
>> Whether we can modify this method to include the 
>> hyperlink/url which we got from an external source?
> Notification command are completely configurable.
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