[Nagios-users] NDOUtils 1.4 Stability

Janet Post Janet.Post at excapsa.ca
Wed Apr 11 20:45:12 UTC 2007


So ndomod will take the nagios process with it.  That does not sound
very comforting.  I run a 24x7 monitoring environment complete with NOC
team, and having our monitoring system just stop tends to annoy upper

Does this happen very often?  I'm not too worried about it if the system
is mostly stable.  What kind of uptimes have people had with this very
handy tool?


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On 11 Apr 2007, at 21:20, Patrick Morris wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Janet Post wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I would -really- like to use the NDOUtils for my nagios 2.8 install.
>> But the big **DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT** warning is a  
>> little
>> scary.
>> Here are some questions for you all who are using it (and the
>> developers):
>> 1) is there any outward sign that the NDOMOD module has  
>> segfaulted?  A
>> logfile?
>> 2) Can nagios monitor this itself?  Or will a crash in NDOMOD cause
>> nagios itself to die as well?  (I was thinking of having nagios watch
>> for the NDOMOD process, and if it wasn't there, restart  
>> everything...but
>> if nagios goes down too, that obviously won't work)
>> 3) Any ETA on when NDOUtils will be ready?   Losing database  
>> support was
>> one of the reasons I did not want to upgrade to nagios 2.x.  Pointing
>> the cold spare to a database with up-to-date status information is  
>> just
>> easy!
> Nagios will keep running if ndmomod dies; it just won't log to a
> database any more.  It's pretty easy to spot the insertion errors in
> Nagios's log if/when it happens, or by monitoring the process as you
> mentioned.

I don't think that is strictly true. Since ndomod is running in the  
same process space as Nagios, a problem with the broker module will  
cause the main nagios process to die too.

However, a failure at ndo2db (that writes to the db) will not affect  


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