[Nagios-users] Host/Service State Log Entries

Thomas Stocking tstocking at groundworkopensource.com
Wed Apr 11 18:44:59 UTC 2007

Well, the "log_initial_states" option has this description:
"If you want Nagios to log all initial host and service states to the 
main log file (the first time the service or host is checked) you can 
enable this option"
It then goes on to recommend against setting this option unless you are 
using an external application that does long-term state statistics 

What I have observed its effect to be is to write out a snapshot of the 
state of each host and service to the log file on restart of nagios. 
This would be useful in some situations, I suppose. I leave it off, for 
the same reasons you mention.

Prigge Scott wrote:
>>> I'm sure I answered this last week. This is expected and documented
>>> behavior. See the CHANGELOG. It's desirable for the vast majority of
>>> users and there's no option to disable it outside of editing source.
> If
>>> it's disabled, reporting will become less accurate.
>>> --
>>> Marc 
> I have been unable to open the previous thread, as my browser
> continually times out. So please accept my apologies for forcing you to
> post duplicate responses - but thank you for doing so.
> Is this the CHANGELOG entry you are referring to?
> 2.0b1 - 12/15/2004
> # Improved logging of initial host and service states 
> And if that is the case, then can you explain to me what the
> "log_initial_states" option does differently? I have been unable to
> determine the impact changing this value.
> Thanks again for your post.
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