[Nagios-users] Files locking might be an issue for scalability?

Sebastian Ganame sganame at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Apr 10 15:12:46 UTC 2007

  Hi guys,
  I'm kind of a newbie not only with Nagios, but also with all monitoring/management tools. I’ve just installed Nagios for testing it, and I’m successfully doing basic monitoring of a bunch of subnetworks, with no service monitoring yet (just pinging a few machines, seen how parent/child relationship affects alarming, etc).
  What I need to do is to evaluate if Nagios is suitable for a proof of concept I’m researching on, trying to monitor both hardware and services, and react if needed to meet a defined SLA for Web Services.
              I know that Nagios is able to do this kind of monitoring, but as far as I understood from the documentation, Nagios saves all cache and status of the monitored environment in text files inside the file system, and I was wondering how scalable would this be when trying to online monitor (lets say) 10 services per machine in a 1K machines environment that might update their status every 10 seconds. Do you think text-files locking might be an issue in this case? I cannot found architecture details on Nagios that might answer my question, and maybe some of you can give me an insight on this matter.
              Best regards,
Sebastian Ganame

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