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> I recently upgraded from 1.0b to 2.7. I noticed that immediately after
> my daily log rotation, the current state of all hosts and services is
> entered in the log file. As I have thousands of hosts/services, this
> makes the log (in my case) unnecessarily large, and was hoping to find
> an option to prevent those states from being logged.

This was a new feature introduced in 2.0 to reduce the amount of time
that a host or service status would be UNDETERMINED for reporting.
Previously, nagios couldn't determine the state of a host or service in
a log file unless that host or service changed state. This required
users to manually set the first assumed state for accurate reporting.
This fix makes that unnecessary. AFAIK, there's no way to disable it
outside of code editing.


"Logging changes - Initial host and service states are now logged a bit
differently. Also, the initial states of all hosts and services are
logged immediately after all log rotations. This should help with all
those "undetermined time" problems in the availability and trends CGIs."


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