[Nagios-devel] Livestatus with Nagios 4

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Sun Sep 23 10:40:20 UTC 2012

Hey all.

This weekend I got together with some friends to port Livestatus to
Nagios 4. The idea was only to get it to build and be able to respond
to queries, and not to rewrite it to make use of libnagios or any of
the new Nagios infrastructure.

It only took about 20 minutes, and then a full hungover day when I
broke things apart so each change was made separate so other module
authors can view the commit log and patches and see what needs
changing. I had expected much more problems actually, but there
you go.

Anyways. The result can be fetched with this command:
  git clone git://github.com/ageric/livestatus

I wish to point out that I have no desire what so ever to create a
fork of livestatus, so the repository hosted there (which contains
only the module, and not check_mk, mk_multisite and the other stuff
in the official livestatus repo) should not be considered a stable
point that will always exist, but rather as a sort of patch-queue for
the official livestatus repo, which Mathias still hosts. I will
however make sure that it's kept in good working order with Nagios 4
until Nagios 4 is released properly and the patches are in upstream
livestatus somehow, when I'll most likely drop my partial clone

Testing would be very welcome indeed.

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