[Nagios-devel] Service parents...

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Fri Sep 14 16:45:27 UTC 2012

... have arrived.

The intention (and the way they currently work) is that they remove
the need for servicedependencies like this:
define servicedependency {
   host_name                       A
   service_description             Foo
   dependent_host_name             B
   dependent_service_description   Bar
   notification_failure_options    w,u,c

Currently they totally ignore state "hardness", and only care about the
actual state. You can have parents residing on a different host (in
which case you have to specify host_name,service_description in the
parents field, naturally), or you can have same-host parents, in which
case you only need to specify the service description. This only works
so long as there's only a single parent though, but since that's how
99.9% of the servicedependencies seem to work in the configurations
people sent me after my "Call for configs", I guess that's reasonable
for a first implementation anyway.

Speaking of which; Thanks a bunch for the configs. You know who you are,
although some of you didn't want me to name you in any thank-you's, so
I'll refrain from posting the full, and surprisingly long, list of people.
Your help was invaluable and helped me uncover many a bug that would
otherwise have earned me a lot of hatemail.

For the (extremely) common "depend on a client version check" thing,
that would look something like this:
define service {
    use            some-suitable-template
    host_name      A
    description    NRPE Disk /
    parents        NRPE Version Check

although I expect you crafty folks will put such things in templates
and be done with it very quickly.


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