[Nagios-devel] New nagios-drama mailing list created

Flyinvap Flyinvap at orange.fr
Thu Feb 25 23:10:01 UTC 2010

Hi Ethan,

Le Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:42:28 -0600,
Ethan Galstad <egalstad at nagios.org> a écrit :

> In order to keep the -devel and other lists dedicated to tech stuff
> and not waste people's time, I have decided to create a new official 
> "nagios-drama" mailing list on SourceForge.

Thanks for the joke but is it possible to have a technical view on
nagios future rather than an new list ? For this this king of message,
no need to create nagios-future@ !

I was thinking the project we could not named could wake up nagios
development, but nothing append :-(

What about new releases ? new features ? better distributed monitoring ?
new interface ? remote API ? What are your plans for nagios in next 6/12
months ? Can I always recommend to my boss or must I look for another
free as free mind monitoring project ?

You're in life, it's the only good news for days.

Best regards.


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