[Nagios-devel] The nagios community wants to keep its open soul

nap naparuba at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 10:05:42 UTC 2010

As you can see at http://ideas.nagios.org/a/dtd/22035-3955 this wish is
already in 3th position with 380+ votes (and still growing). Maybe we must
wait the 1st position to have an answer?


On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 2:52 PM, nap <naparuba at gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe some people do not want to talk in the mailing list but wish to have
> an official answer to this open letter : you can vote for it at
> http://ideas.nagios.org/a/dtd/22035-3955
> Gabès Jean
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Olivier JAN <ojan at gfi.fr> wrote:
>> It's an alarm call that is raised : after a long period where people
>> began to think
>> nagios is a dead foss project, we nearly reach a point of no return :
>> the author try to
>> gag on the community because it's to free!!
>> Let's get back to the facts : Nagios is still the reference in the
>> open source monitoring
>> tools, and some serious challengers like Zabbix or Zenoss try to reach
>> its place. In the
>> open source world, and especially the monitoring one, the real
>> strength is not in code
>> lines, but in the community around the project. You know the Nagios
>> one has been a great
>> one during years. Meanwhile, since two years, the lack of presence and
>> answer from Ethan
>> to proposals from the community legitimately irritate the community.
>> As much as a fork,
>> named Icinga, arisen a year ago.
>> Where the story became complex is when we look at the economic sphere
>> around Nagios. Like
>> a lot of foss that grow a lot, and after have given more than 8 years
>> of it's time to
>> Nagios, he legitimately create a support enterprise behind it, "Nagios
>> Enterprise". The
>> Icinga fork came from community members that are also employees of
>> another society that
>> supports Nagios : Netways. If the GPLv2 license of Nagios was
>> respected, it seems more
>> like a business fork than a foss one for the nagios author. That had
>> irritate Nagios
>> author and the major part of the community have stay in the Nagios
>> project.
>> Unfortunately, this story have a side effect : we are thinking Ethan
>> began to turn
>> against the community, and this open spirit that allow this fork, by
>> ignore even more the
>> community and refuse to answer to code enhancement proposals.
>> Last but not least affront : he ask the DNS entry of the French nagios
>> community site
>> (http://www.nagios-fr.org) to be give to him so he can raised a new
>> community, more
>> corporate : in this site we can see some posts about the felon (but
>> open source and
>> nagios relative) Icinga project! This fork seem to have finally more
>> cut Ethan author and
>> the community than the community into two parts.
>> That's the last straw for a community who want to be as free as foss
>> it supports. In Open
>> Source, we have "free as in beer" but also "free as in speech". I, as
>> the leader of the
>> French community, and with the support of community members, answer
>> him that it will be
>> be tolerated to be dictate laws about what the community can speak
>> about. To do not risk
>> an hypothetical sue from Nagios Enterprise (for trademark protection),
>> we have decided to
>> migrate the site to monitoring-fr.org and to gave the nagios-fr.org
>> site to Nagios
>> enterprise when the migration will be finished.
>> With this open letter entitle "The nagios community wants to keep its
>> open soul", the
>> community ask where the project is going and if it will still be open
>> and ethically
>> respectful of the open source spirit. Some question raised about the
>> real open aspect of
>> the Nagios future by freezing the current open source part and put it
>> into a close
>> solution (Nagios XI, close application based on Nagios, soon available
>> from Nagios
>> Enterprise) that seem to be the only part that will evolve in the
>> future. The community
>> also ask how it's seen in the Nagios project, if it still have is its
>> place into it and
>> if it must hold its tongue about what is not "corporate" for Nagios
>> Enterprise.
>> The community want to help on the industrialization and support of
>> Nagios by free
>> software business, but still want to keep its soul. The community wish
>> Nagios keep it's
>> first rank, that was give to it by the community, and the project came
>> back to "the old
>> good time" when foss developers and people who just want to help had
>> yet their words to
>> say against marketing communication.
>> We wish this open letter will not be a dead letter, because this will
>> finish to dig the
>> gap between the author and its community, that represent a major part
>> of the project's
>> power, and will not finish by a fork that will divided again the
>> community, and will add
>> another taboo name in all sites that speak about Nagios.
>> Signed by:
>> *The French community
>> *Olivier Jan, writer of a french book bout Nagios, and leader of the
>> french community
>> *Gabes Jean, writer of another french book about Nagios
>> *Gerhard Lausser, writer of a german book about Nagios
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