[Nagios-devel] New Nagios dev branch?

Ton Voon ton.voon at opsera.com
Mon Feb 1 15:56:48 UTC 2010

On 29 Jan 2010, at 05:36, Ethan Galstad wrote:

> We can.  HEAD has usually been the latest/greatest, but it probably
> makes sense for an experimental branch.

That is wise. Ethan, do you have to set it up?

> Can you provide more details on what it is you are proposing to add?
> Synchronization stuff may make more sense being implemented as a NEB
> mobule or addon, so I'd like to see what's on the plate.

Patch attached. Applies cleanly to CVS at the moment.

While I agree that slave synchronisation sits outside code Nagios,  
there are changes that are required to Nagios to support such a  
feature. The patch contains the core changes required to Nagios.

The idea is that there is a "sync_retention_file" which has slightly  
different logic to a normal "state_retention_file", such as only  
syncing if the last_check time in the sync file is earlier than the  
retained last_check time. The sync file is removed when it has been  
read. A new API is also added (SYNC_RETENTION_FILE) to allow syncing  
when required. Comments and downtimes are searched based on "similar  
attributes" (because id numbers will not be the same).

It also contains test cases for reading the new sync_retention_file,  
and some test cases for the new downtime search functions.

I've included documentation both in the sample configuration file and  
the configmain.html (which looks generated?). There's probably  
additional documentation required as this is an advanced feature and  
I'll commit to doing that if this is going to be included.

Apologies for the code formatting. I'll clean that up if this is okay  
to include in CVS.



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