[Nagios-devel] Invalid cgi DOM patch

Sven-Göran Bergh sgb at systemasis.com
Fri Dec 17 10:27:13 UTC 2010

Hi list,

attached is a small path for an inconsistency
in some of the CGI's DOM. Typical example:


is not valid. Instead it should be:


When loaded in its own window, frame or iframe all
shows up ok. However, when loaded in an existing
DOM, typically in a <div>-tag, some forms are lost
in some browsers (observed in FF3.x).

The patch is against release 3.2.3 and has been
tested in Chrome3, Chrome8, FF3.5, IE6, IE8 and

Affected CGIs are:
 - avail.cgi
 - config.cgi
 - histogram.cgi
 - trends.cgi

There are probably more bugs in there, but this
was my immediate itch. Please include or comment.

Thanks in adv

Sven-Göran Bergh, Systemasis AB


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