[Nagios-devel] Database integration of SysNagios project

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Tue May 26 10:21:52 UTC 2009

Markus.Almroth at teliasonera.com wrote:
> I'm maintaining a project for distributed configuration of Nagios called
> SysNagios.
> (Principle, sysadmin configures Nrpe and nagios parses config and
> automatically updates cfg-files).

This sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

> This works great in the organization, we're currently monitoring 1017
> hosts and 9724 service checks and I hardly do any support at all :-).
> Anyway. Even though SysNagios supports proxies with nsca, the user
> interface is getting really sluggish. I need to implement SysNagios with
> some database-based frontend really soon. We have hundreds of systems in
> line to get nagiossed. 
> Now i gett weary, which system shall I use!? There is'nt time enough to
> try out one and see if I like it. When I choose, it will likely be
> "forever". I like what I see in Merlin, but there is no real
> documentation, and I also like Ninja.

Happy to hear you like our stuff.

Merlin is still a work in progress. It's scheduled to be released as
stable in August. Right now work is a bit stalled on Merlin since I'm
working on my presentation about it for Nordic Meet on Nagios (I'll
see you there).

> NDO seems more established, but it has some real drawbacks.

Such as not being able to transport events between hosts for one thing,
I'd guess. This means you can't cluster things using NDOUtils.

> Currently I use the notes_url to call a CGI which downloads the config
> from the monitored host, parses, errorchecks and inserts it into the
> Nagios file-structure. There is also a field in the "left menu" of
> Nagios where you can choose which proxy you want to use, and enter an IP
> if you are to insert a new host. These mods must be possible in the new
> platform as well. 
> What shall I do!?
> By the way, I'll be speaking about SysNagios on Nordic Meet On Nagios.

Well, we could buy each other a few beers at the meet and discuss what we
can do to help each other out a little. A quite simple solution would
probably be to extend the merlin database slightly and write a small and
stupid widget that gives you the information you want in sysnagios. That
way you won't be forcing nagios users to abandon their current use of the
notes_url, while not having to change the way configuration is distributed

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