[Nagios-devel] Solaris Nagios packages

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Thu May 21 08:11:22 UTC 2009

>> I was making a Solaris Nagios package and have edited the Nagios
>> Makefile.in as below.

> I can't quite make sense of the diff format,

Oh yes a U diff is much more sensible, I have attached a copy.

Also there are some commands to copy 'sample-config/template-object'
files I have removed them from my Makefile but not included them in
the diff, not sure if they _should_ exist.

these are them:

   $(INSTALL) -m 664 sample-config/template-object/bigger.cfg
    $(INSTALL) -m 664 sample-config/template-object/minimal.cfg
    $(INSTALL) -m 664 sample-config/template-object/checkcommands.cfg
    $(INSTALL) -m 664 sample-config/template-object/misccommands.cfg

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