[Nagios-devel] Double escaping when using $ARGS1$?

Marc Powell marc at ena.com
Wed May 20 13:02:19 UTC 2009

On May 19, 2009, at 7:09 PM, Ton Voon wrote:

> Is this correct behaviour? I think this is wrong, or at least
> inconsistent.

It's documented as being this way to allow you to escape '!' in  
command arguments... I can see that it makes sense because you're  
adding another layer of substitution above the shell and the \-escape  
handling is probably not '!' specific.


"Tip: If you need to pass bang (!) characters in your command  
arguments, you can do so by escaping them with a backslash (\). If you  
need to include backslashes in your command arguments, they should  
also be escaped with a backslash. "


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