[Nagios-devel] hostgroup view with hosts not having any service

shadih rahman shadhin71 at gmail.com
Thu May 14 14:52:58 UTC 2009

This can be possibly acchieved by breaking
show_servicegroup_hostgroup_member_overview into
show_servicegroup_member_overview and show_hostgroup_member_overview
functions.  Please advise on this.  Thanks

On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 10:23 AM, shadih rahman <shadhin71 at gmail.com> wrote:

> All,
>    When someone click onto hostgroup summary and they are taken to the
> following link
> https://example/nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi?hostgroup=fake-groups&style=overview
> now in this link it lists all hosts that belongs to fake-groups.  All these
> clickable host links will take us to the following link if we were to click
> on them.
> https://example.com/nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi?host=fakehost&style=detail
> This is great but if that particular host did not have any service attache
> to it then it takes you to an empty page.  This can be quite confusing for
> managers and less technical people of the organization.   However if those
> clickable links were to take us to the following link, then it would create
> less confusion.  Please advise on this.  Thanks
> https://example.com/nagios/cgi-bin/extinfo.cgi?type=1&host=fakehost
> --
> Cordially,
> Shadhin Rahman

Shadhin Rahman
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