[Nagios-devel] feature request (unless it already exists)

Jason Dunn binaryred at gmail.com
Wed May 13 18:02:18 UTC 2009

Excellent!  I hadn't seen that patch anywhere, and I am of course still
using 3.0.4, so I will upgrade to the newest version and give it a whirl.

Thank You!

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 1:53 PM, Andreas Ericsson <ae at op5.se> wrote:

> Jason Dunn wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Long time nagios user here, just wondering if anyone can help, or if what
> > I'm thinking doesn't exist, I'd like to see if it's possible to be added
> in?
> >
> > I monitor (what I think is) a large number of machines and services, and
> > would like to be able to view the "Service Status Details" for multiple
> > hosts, chosen by the search box.  For example, I have several samba
> servers,
> > and I would like to be able to view the status for the services for all
> of
> > the machines that start with sambasrv.  I have sambasrv1, sambasrv2, etc.
>  I
> > would like to be able to search for just 'sambasrv' and have it return
> the
> > 'Service Status Details' for all of the servers that start with sambasrv.
>  I
> > could create a group, but that's a bit overkill for a quick look at a few
> > machines that have similar names.
> >
> > Has anyone done this?  Does it exist?  If not, I'd like to request that
> it
> > be added in, and I would be more than willing to help, but I'm not a
> > programmer.
> >
> Hugo Hallqvist, a former employee at op5 (who's right now massaging my
> shoulders :D) submitted a patch to make the search box match multiple
> hosts.
> That patch was accepted into core Nagios, so it should be available to you
> if you upgrade to at least Nagios 3.0.6.
> You need to search for "sambasrv*" or "sambasrv.*". I can't determine right
> now at a casual glance if it uses fnmath(3) or regexec(3) to match the
> hostnames, but 10 seconds of trial and error on your behalf will do that
> part of the research.
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