[Nagios-devel] git import (again ;-))

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Wed May 13 12:46:56 UTC 2009

Primarily for Ethan and Ton, but in case anyone else is
interested as well I'm throwing it out publicly.

I've remade the git import with Ton and Mark's git usernames
added with proper email addresses. The result can be cloned

  git clone git://git.op5.org/nagios.git

The old repository that lived there has been moved to

Please don't consider this import to be official in any way.
I've just added it because I really can't stand using CVS
for day-to-day work (it's really, really, really slow from
Sweden), so I'll have to move patches from there to CVS
using a script or something.

The 'master' branch represents a pristine import, but with
dashes in tag-names replaced with dots (nagios-3-1-0 turned
into nagios-3.1.0).

The 'patches' branch is where I'll put things until I'm at
home with CVS again, or until we move to git permanently
(if we do; Nothing's decided yet).

Just FYI, one major gripe I have with CVS is that it doesn't
do contributor attribution properly. I just took a patch from
Matthias Eble which he kindly re-sent to nagios-devel, and

  git am <saved-email-from-thunderbird>

promptly created the commit with Matthias signed as the author
(and me as committer), but such information doesn't carry over
to CVS, so it has to be maintained elsewhere. That "elsewhere"
adds a real burden when it comes to determining who wrote what,
which I suspect will be very handy to know when we get more
contributors, so we know who to ask for patch reviews and things
like that.

How do you, the developer community, feel about such things?

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