[Nagios-devel] [RFC] - strange issue on notification filter akatime is not like time?

Frater, Greg J GJFRATER at bechtel.com
Tue May 12 21:26:19 UTC 2009

>>I've just ran into a interesting problem with my nagios 3.1.0 code.

>>Take a host with two differenct contactgroups assigned.
>>One of those cg should notify during daylight (tp-definition:
>>0800-1700 for example)
>>and the other contactgroup with one contact member for only non
daylight notifications (tp: 1700-2400,0000-0800).

>>Nagios is sending out a notification to all possible contacts,
the notification_period of the contact.

>>I've already double checked the configs (regarding objects.cache as a
result of all possible template resolutions).
>>Possible needed config snipplet at the bottom of this message.

>We are experiencing the same thing with 3.0.6.  I'm running Nagios on a
RHEL 5 box, I've not made any changes to the settings used by the
compiler they are default (I'm not smart enough to mess with that).  :-)

>If you guys get a fix or work around please make sure to post it, as we
are interested in the conclusion of this issue. 

Please disregard my previous post on this topic, we were seeing the same
thing but it was because of a config error (templates assigned in the
wrong order) not anything to do with Nagios code.  My apologies for the


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